Rob Weil

Software Developer

Rob’s journey with graphic design, branding, programming, promotion, and audio/video production reaches back many years and miles. Having taken to creating and drawing since early childhood, Rob also grew up with a fascination for technology and electronics, their connectors, and figuring out just what made them work.

Coupling this with an early exposure to the early days of internet, the hilariously old Commodore 64, and the rise of children’s electronics and decidedly killer video games lent to discovery and experimentation such as tweaking Nintendo’s Game Genie codes for varyingly outlandish results and gameplay, as well as the general taking apart of things, rewiring them, and putting them back together again.

An appreciation for pop culture, film, and music led to the discovery of independent music, DIY ethos, and the venture into audio and video production. Splicing cables and adapters lent to programming. Visual art spawned graphic design. Promotion of music extended to others.

Rob continues in this work for many clients, operating with a broad range of API’s and software, creating logos, video and audio production, graphic ads, newsletter design, and creating live analytics reporting dashboards.