Why We Choose OctoberCMS


There's a reason that nearly half of the web is using WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS). Probably the biggest reason WordPress is so popular is the cost. It's free! It's also pretty easy to use, easy to find a theme, and easy to find plugins for ANYTHING you could ever try to do.

Many clients come to us and ask us to build their new site in WordPress, and for a long time, we did without question. Clients often said:

  • I've used WordPress before
  • It's easy to use (about WordPress)
  • I want to be able to edit my own site
  • I know so-and-so who loves WordPress

But it's our job to tell them when WordPress isn't the answer. WordPress is a great piece of software, but it's definitely not the only kid on the block. There are literally thousands of options for building a website, online store, or social media network.

Hello, OctoberCMS!

Earlier this year, OctoberCMS (OC) was released to the public. It's free, it's easy to use(yes, easier than WordPress!), and it's very fast. We tested OC in-house for a few months. We found that many of the things we did in WordPress previously were much easier in OC.

Our site was the first of our sites to transition to OctoberCMS. It was easy because we were starting from scratch with new branding and new content.

Building a new theme with October couldn't be easier (assuming you know a little bit of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

Interested in how it turned out?


Our site is extremely lightweight and fast. Although that's normally a huge priority for us, OctoberCMS is extremely fast on its own. Our new site blows any site we've ever built using our of the water. Our themes have exactly what they need to have, and no more. We don't have to try and disable key parts of OctoberCMS just because we don't need them.

Easy of Use

From a user standpoint, there's almost no learning curve with OctoberCMS. We build all of the features exactly how they should be built. Everything is easy to use and intuitive. If you can use WordPress, there's no doubt you'll have no trouble navigating a site powered by OctoberCMS.

It's Fun

It really is! We completely build everything how it's supposed to be. No more trying to remember where a setting or piece of content is located. If a client wants to be able to edit their own site, we want to make sure that they'll want to do just that. What's the point of being able to edit the site if you can't understand how to edit the site?


Just like WordPress isn't the solution for all sites, OctoberCMS isn't. But in many cases, it would have been a 100% viable option for our past sites.

Even a few months after launching the new site, we still smile when we login and realize just how easy managing content is on our new site. OctoberCMS shaved a decent amount of time off our development process.

October has been a joy to work with and we have absolutely no qualms suggesting it to our clients.

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