Tom Stegman, Marine WW2 Experience

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Tracking Our Family's WW2 Experience - Hellfire-Neveragain

Our love of technology of course will be used to honor our Forefathers bravery and sacrifices in defense and at home working day in and day out for the community.

You can click on the map markers to see the island hopping battles US Marines fought gaining ground on a pinline toward Japan from 19

Tom Stegman Survived the Entirety of WW2

Tom Stegman survived WW2 manning a three-pack-Howitzer, that shelled out-front of the front line. So not in the first wave of beach landings, and not pushing the positions. Every bit of it paid for with human sacrifice. For Tom and his crew every shell fired is life changing, lives on the line, shoot and move, set up and put fire on very specific positions. Relay, adjust, fire. Reload, relay, adjust, fire, reload. Dead soldiers, some friend constantly carried by. We are only survivors of WW2 by chance. A whole generation slaughtered. The Greatest Generation as penned by Tom Brokaw, they survived, came home and worked their tales off in factories for their entire lives.

The World is now connected. War is like using a Styrofoam cup and string for a phone. We are all live, connected, anything almost anyone says can be heard live even or seconds afterward. We are a new species almost, we can act as a unit, instantaneously.

Evolution is not garunteed. Evolution takes work, those that do not evolve no one ever hears about. Because they do not exist. Technology changes everything. We need to step up to the new capabilities. Communicate. Evolve.

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